Mission Statement and Client Commitment - Courtney Longenecker, REALTOR


I am deeply committed to providing you and your family with excellent customer service to the best of my ability and expertise as we together endeavor to buy and/or sell real estate. It is my goal to earn your trust and make this a lifelong relationship – I am genuinely and sincerely invested in every single one of my clients’ experiences and personal success.




  • TRUST: I will provide a trustworthy hand to guide you through any Real Estate transaction we conduct together.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: I will always conduct myself and my business to the highest professional standards, fostering positive relationships with all service-providers, fellow agents, and the general public.
  • PERSONAL INVESTMENT: I will invest my time, my energy, my resources, and my emotions in your success.
  • HONESTY: I will always provide you and the general public with truthful, honest information to the best of my knowledge and expertise. I will never knowingly furnish any false information to anyone.
  • INTEGRITY: I will conduct business ethically, respectfully, and sincerely with the highest level of integrity.
  • EXPERTISE: I will provide you with beneficial local market insights, industry knowledge, and my educated opinions so that you are empowered to make informed decisions.
  • EDUCATION: I will educate you on real estate transactions, home ownership, house maintenance, and market trends. I will continually educate myself on all the latest legal requirements, market trends, and best practices to continually sharpen my skills.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: I will handle all your sensitive information with the greatest care and confidentiality.
  • CREATIVITY: I will seek creative, outside-the-box ideas and cost-saving solutions to position you in the best light for success.
  • COMMUNICATION: I will communicate all important information to you and all involved parties in a timely manner. I will stay on top of all follow-up, timelines, and correspondence so everyone is continually informed.
  • ADVOCACY: I will be your advocate, always looking out for your best interests. I will endeavor to negotiate the best terms, protect your interests, and anticipate challenges on your behalf.
  • ORGANIZATION: I will keep your real estate transaction organized, on-schedule, and coordinated with all relative parties and service providers.
  • CIRCLE OF SERVICE PROFESSIONALS: I will open up to you my circle of people - connecting you with excellent local service providers and companies.
  • WHATEVER IT TAKES: At the end of the day, your satisfaction is my greatest motivation – more than any financial or material rewards. I will always go the extra mile to meet or exceed YOUR expectations and get the job done correctly to the highest possible standards.

The greatest compliment for my services is your referral(s) to your family and friends. I am sincerely delighted when my clients find value, comfort, and success through the home buying/selling process. I humbled and honored to grow my business through endorsements from my growing network of past-clients and friends – thank you!